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Estate Planning Questionnaire

Estate Planning Questionnaire (Single)

WHAT IS AN ESTATE PLAN? An estate plan is a strategy, put into effect with a set of documents to assist you and your family in making important, necessary decisions upon your potential incapacity and then after your death.  Think about all the things that you would need to sign to get out of  your name – a withdraw slip to take money out at the bank, a deed to sell your house, a check to pay someone, a credit card receipt… the list goes on.  When you can no longer sign these types of things – either because you are ill or deceased – you need someone else to be able to sign for you.  This doesn’t mean putting someone’s name on your checking account (because then they own it too and can do with it as they please!); rather you can appoint someone to essentially sign for you when the time is right.

HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST?  We like to take the guesswork and uncertainty out of the equation, which is why in most circumstances, Sitzmann Law Firm Ltd offers flat fee rates.  Our goal is to be upfront and transparent about the costs of hiring a lawyer.  The flat fee rate and terms of the representation are available here: Estate planning flat fee. We also accept legal insurance from Metlife and ARAG.


WHAT’S INCLUDED?  The benefit of hiring a lawyer to do your estate plan it that the plan will be customized to your specific situation and needs. What documents are appropriate for you, depends on your situation.  Your estate plan will likely include a will, Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Authorization for Final Disposition, Marital Property Agreement and a living will.  If you and I find it appropriate, there are other documents that we may also include in your estate plan, like a trust or a Transfer on Death Deed.

I NEED AN ESTATE PLAN, WHAT NOW?  Your attorney at Sitzmann Law Firm Ltd needs information from you to decide what documents you need and to start drafting them.

  1. Complete the Estate Planning Questionnaire and return it to Attorney Micheletti at 231 W. Franklin Street, Appleton, WI 54911, via email ( or fax (920-733-8873).
  2. Schedule an appointment with Attorney Sara Micheletti to discuss your Estate Plan, review your documents, make revisions, get educated on how to use your plan and finally, sign the documents.  Please call, email or SCHEDULE ONLINE to schedule a time!  You, and your spouse if you are married, should plan to attend this 1-2 hour appointment.